IMA Tiger Award

IMA Tiger Award
Dr. Raman Tanwar

Dr. Raman Tanwar was recently awarded by the Indian Medical Association with the IMA Tiger Award by the president of the Indian Medical Association Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar. The award was conferred upon him for his valuable contribution to the launch of the National Men’s Health Program by the Indian Medical Association. Dr. Raman Tanwar is a national expert on Men’s health and a highly acclaimed academician in this field. 

Men’s Health has taken a backseat and Men in India are living 5 years less than women. This gap in longevity will further increase if Men do not take charge of their health

Men need to get associated with healthcare to live longer and match up with women in terms of health and longevity

Jyoti hospital houses the first accredited Men’s Health centre of North India. The centre provides comprehensive Men’s Health Facilities. The Centre is run by a team of Urologists, Counsellors and Clinical Coordinators.

The Centre of Men’s Health provides comprehensive Men’s Health Services in Gurugram including health checks, andrology treatment, disease prevention and risk management

  • Premarital Health Checkup
  • Executive Men’s Health Checkup
  • Geriatric Men’s Checkup
  • Andrology Care
  • Urology Care
The Centre for Men’s Health at Jyoti Hospital is a new step to improve the status of Men’s Health in the Vicinity

If you would like to get yourself or your male partner screened for health problems through us please feel free to book an appointment at or call us at 0124-2322673.