Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

 Orthopedic prescription refers to a list of medical treatment, do's and dont's, exercises and rehabilitation exercises to treat and prevent recurrence of the disease. As, every indivisual has different requirements and disease history, we believe in a tailored exercise regime for every patient. Exercises, pre-condiioning, stretching, strengthening, proprioceptive ability and their differing roles in each condition makes exercise prescription a necessity. 

Basics of any disease is due to an underlying change in kinematics. Once a part of the kinetic chain gets affected, it leads to a slow progressive disability in the complete chain and results in inefficiency. Detecting this change and understanding the patho-mechanics of the disease helps us understand your problem better. 

Medical treatment is to treat symptoms and make the patient symptoms free. whereas, a tailored exercise prescription corrects the derranged mechanics and prevents recurrence of symptoms after weaning of medical treatment.

Phase 1 of treatment makes you pain free (Medical treatment), Phase 2 (Exercise, electrotherapy and rehabilitation) usually keeps you symptom free for long time without medications. Please consult our physiotherapy and orthopedic team for formulation of your own Exercise prescription and say hello to a fitter and pain free lifestyle.

Few good physiotherapy centers at Gurugram are proud caterers of Theraband and Wellness Station. The station offers the best equipment based exercise making use of Elastic resistance tubes and bands to strengthen the affected part of the body.

Establishing the range of motion usually remains the first priority followed by strength training of the specific group of muscles. Strength training usually treats disuse and atrophy of muscle. This allevates pain and stiffness. Exercises perhaps are the most promising natural treatment to any biomechanical alteration in joint function. Long term effects of medications are thus avoided with prevention of recurrence of symptoms.